Fully Automatic Villager Wheat Farm

Posted, February 2nd 2014, in Farms
Villager Wheat Farm

This is a new type of farm in Minecraft 1.8 that fully automatically produces wheat with the help of a villager, without you having to do anything other than refilling bonemeal from time to time. YouTube was flooded with videos about the new villager mechanics and automated wheat, bread, potato and carrot farms and while the bread, potato and carrot farms mostly worked fine, the wheat farms had all one really big flaw! They just stopped working after a short while and it seemed no one really tested their own design before making a video about it, and every one I tested myself had the same problem.


If the villager only gets to one piece of wheat while farming, the farm will definitely stop working after a while because he will eventually reach the maximum inventory space for wheat and stops harvesting more. People tried to fix this by putting another villager next to the farmer to make him throw bread and clear his inventory but for me that wasn’t a good fix at all. Why would I want the bread? I want wheat and lots of it! Not just the few peaces that the villager missed and didn’t make into bread. So what do we do? We stack up Minecarts.


You can see in the video how the redstone works but the really important thing that distinguishes this farm from the others is the placement of the hopper Minecarts that catch the wheat before the villager can pick it up. First of all the villager is sitting in a normal Minecart which is stacked up with a hopper Minecart right on top of the farmland, and yes he can even harvest and replant while sitting in a Minecart. The next important Minecart is sitting right within the farmland block, and you can see in the video how I get it into the block. Right underneath all that we have our sorting system that sorts out the seeds from the wheat and we bring the seeds back up to the villager with a small item elevator so he can replant. With this Minecart placement we are able to catch every single piece of wheat and I tested the farm for at least a day straight to confirm it will never stop working.


If you have any problems getting this to work you can try to put a door near the villager so he thinks he is in a village, and make sure he has a brown coat like the one shown in the video. If you want some more information about their behaviour you should check out the video awedyssy made about this topic.



Since this is currently only working in the experimental Snapshots for Minecraft 1.8 it is due to change and I can not guarantee it will work in the official release of 1.8 but as of now it definitely works like a charm!

World Download: Villager-Wheat-Farm-1.8.zip