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Posted, November 9th 2014, in Blog Posts
WhoeverCraft Server

I know you haven’t heard much of me the last couple of months but here is a small update. I just had a lot on my mind the last year and wasn’t able to play much Minecraft but I hope next year will be a little bit easier on me. Now to the interesting part: We started a server. It wasn’t really planned this way but I’m glad it happened! I invited Rick on my private server to play some Survival just for fun, but he couldn’t help but make a series out of it. For my part I only administrate and play on the server but Rick actually got some awesome people to play on the server. I also tried to invite some people but wasn’t too successful.


Lots of Cool People

For one we have DerpTater, a really nice guy with a family friendly Youtube Channel, he has some more Minecraft series going on and sometimes plays whit his daughter. Then we have GruuvyMC, a younger youtuber who has lots of interesting showcase and invention videos on his channel you should check out. Fallaron will be joining us soon but has a lot of stuff going on right now, he’s doing lots of other Minecraft series and some other games as well. And of course my friend rickclark, I played with him on the Flatcore server the last few months and he’s a really nice guy, he is doing Minecraft series as well as older games and you should definitely check out his channel if you haven’t already. Alnocchi is the only one without a youtube channel and will not be playing too much on the server.



Can You Join Us?

I don’t know. We are currently reaching out to people we think would fit well into the group and we restricted it to people that make youtube content like we do. Its really hard to find nice people you can trust and the best option for now is to look at their content and see if they would be good company. If you think you fit all this criteria and want to play with us please write me a message on youtube introducing yourself and I will be glad to give you my opinion.


What is the Server About

Mainly just for fun but I’m hopeful to bring together a group of people that enjoys playing the game and shares their viewer base with each other. There are so many talented people out there making videos and the best way to get their content out there and share it with the world is to do it within a community like this one that has the same goals. If you wanna start your very own server you should definitely check out CubedHost, they have reliable Minecraft Servers for a reasonable price and an easy control interface.

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