Instant Minecart Item Unloader

Posted, December 14th 2013, in Proof of Concept
Instant Minecart Unloader

Unloading a completely filled up storage Minecart without having to stop it sounds crazy, but it’s possible! I actually wanted to simplify and shrink down my previously posted Quadruple Item Unloader when I encountered this interesting concept of a Instant Unloader. Stacking up Minecarts is already a common thing to do, especially stacking up TNT Minecarts to get a greater explosion or Hopper Minecarts to pick up a lot of items from the ground at once, but to suck out items from a storage Minecart on top was a bit more tricky to do, since you somehow need to place a rail on top for «read more»

Minecart Passing Loop

Posted, December 11th 2013, in Minecarts
Minecart Passing Loop

A simple way to have two Minecarts on only one track between a Item Loader and a Item Unloader. This little device was actually just a small side project I came up with while playing around with a automated Minecart System, and now it’s my most viewed video on youtube. I wasn’t even sure if I should upload it because it seemed so simple, but I’m glad I did it anyways! I just got such amazing feedback from people and even Mumbo Jumbo himself liked and commented on the video, wow that really made me happy! And another cool french youtuber called overspes gave me «read more»

Quadruple Minecart Item Unloader

Posted, December 9th 2013, in Minecarts
Minecart Item Unloader

Now that we have such a fast ‎Minecart Loader we definitely need something better than a standard unloader, because what’s the point of putting in 4 items at the time if we only get 1 out on the other side? That’s why I had to come up with something like this.


To suck out 4 Items at once from a storage Minecart you have to position it right in the middle of 4 hoppers and the only way I could come up with, is to push it in place with pistons. I tried to keep it fairly small and after a while of «read more»

Smaller Quadruple Minecart Item Loader

Posted, December 6th 2013, in Minecarts
Minecart Item Loader Version 2

A much smaller and simpler Minecart Item Loader which also handles 4 items at the time! After posting my first version I did go right back to the drawing board and had some really good ideas on how to improve the machine. I got rid of some redundant parts and simplified it down so much that I just had to post a new video about it.


The biggest change involved the entering of the Minecart into the machine. I found out you don’t have to retract the piston and the glass pane for the «read more»

Quadruple Minecart Item Loader

Posted, December 4th 2013, in Minecarts
Minecart Item Loader

A Minecart Item Loader that can load 4 items at the time, sounds great doesn’t it? This was the first contraption of mine I’ve ever made a video about and posted it to YouTube and Reddit. And who knew, it got quite some views and people liked it!


So how does it work? When the Minecart comes in and hits the detector rail it gives off a redstone signal to a piston which then extends and pushes a glass pane against a block right behind the Minecart. Now that «read more»