New Blog and Where I Have Been

Posted, April 15th 2014, in Blog Posts
Minecraft Blog -

I’m not sure how many people will actually read this first official Blog Post, considering I only have 12 people following me on Twitter, but welcome to my new Website and Blog!


So why didn’t I upload any videos to YouTube for the last 2 months? There are a few reasons actually. First of all I was really busy with work for a couple of weeks and could’t really do anything else. After work got less time-consuming and I could concentrate more on Minecraft again, Dinnerbone decided to update the Minecart mechanics and I was really exited about this and didn’t wanna do any more Miencart projects until they where implemented because this would brake most of my stuff anyways. So I decided I would use the time to get this website up and running, which turned out to take a lot longer than I initially thought. I had to write all the blog posts about my previous videos for completion sake and updated my Twitter, YouTube, GooglePlus and Facebook pages to the new design, and even though it took me a while I’m glad I did it and I’m happy with how it turned out.


My intention for this Blog is not only to post my videos but rather to have some more information about the contraptions I build or a world download link, and I wanna post other Minecraft related stuff on here that may not be worth making a video about. This website also serves as one central point where you can find links to all my social media profiles and information about me and the stuff I do.


So what I wanted to say is: I’m back!