Fully Automatic Minecart Y-Junction

Posted, April 25th 2014, in Minecarts
Minecart Y-Junction

Another great addition to every Minecart System, a fully automated Minecart Y-Junction to connect multiple Farms to your storage! If you put a lot of these together you can basically have an infinite amount of Item Loaders connected to only one Item Unloader all managed by this device.


As shown in the video below, it remembers which track the Minecart came from and switches the rails so the Minecart can go back the exact same way. On its way back it will clear the intersection and give a go ahead for a possibly waiting Minecart on the other side. To make sure the Minecarts don’t crash when they enter the junction at the same time, you should put my Minecart Offsetter right before this contraption.



Since Mojang reverted their Minecart changes in the recent snapshot, this should still work in the official Minecraft 1.8 release.

World Download: Y-Junction-1.7.zip

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