Minecart Passing Loop

Posted, December 11th 2013, in Minecarts
Minecart Passing Loop

A simple way to have two Minecarts on only one track between a Item Loader and a Item Unloader. This little device was actually just a small side project I came up with while playing around with a automated Minecart System, and now it’s my most viewed video on youtube. I wasn’t even sure if I should upload it because it seemed so simple, but I’m glad I did it anyways! I just got such amazing feedback from people and even Mumbo Jumbo himself liked and commented on the video, wow that really made me happy! And another cool french youtuber called overspes gave me a shoutout and brought in even more views, it was just amazing!


So what’s this thing about? It really is simple, one Minecart comes in and triggers a detector rail which will open the fence gate on the other side, so when a Minecart comes in from the other side it can go through but at the same time it triggers the detector rail for the first Minecart. If a Minecart is ready to go on one side it has to wait for the other Minecart to reach the Passing Loop, this means there will always be only one Minecart on either side of the device. The right positioning of the device is very important, it should be positioned exactly on the halfway point between the Unloader and Loader so if the loading and unloading process takes the same time they will meet up exactly on this point and neither Minecart has to stop and wait for the other one.



Even though this is a very powerful and useful device it’s really easy to build and uses very few resources, you’ll only need some building blocks, some rails and fence gates and a few redstone torches.

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