Smaller Quadruple Minecart Item Unloader

Posted, December 17th 2013, in Minecarts
Minecart Item Unloader Version 2

This is a very small and fast Minecart Item Unloader that can empty a storage Minecart 4 times faster than your standard unloader! I really loved the speed of my first Quadruple Item Unloader but it was just so big and impractical to build so I desperately wanted to come up with a smaller and more survival friendly version of it, and in the process I even came up with my Instant Minecart Unloader which I showed you in my last post. So this is it, the answer to everything, the universe and .. oh wait no I mean the answer are stacked up Minecarts! You can do so much stuff with them and I will do a lot more with them in the Future.


This contraption works basically just like the Instant Unloader but we have 4 hoppers instead of one underneath and only two hopper Minecarts that suck out the Items from the storage Minecart. It’s pretty easy to build too, you only need to put down your 4 hoppers and center two stacked up hopper Minecarts right in the middle of them. If you watch the video you can see how I centred them and how I get the half slabs in place so you can put the rest of the redstone and rails on them. The reason why we only need 2 hopper Minecarts although we have 4 hoppers underneath is that they are actually twice as fast as normal hoppers.


Now that we can read out how full the Minecart is directly from the detector rail without locking any hoppers we can simplify the redstone a lot too. As long as there are Items in the Storage Minecart the comparator will give out a signal wich turns off the torch that opens the fence gate for the Minecart to exit and that is it, “so simple to understand and quite effective” as my buddy Rick Clark so nicely commented!



And I have to say I’m proud of this device as well, it just fits all together now. If you want a fast and safe way to transport your items through your Minecarft world just take this unloader and my Small Quadruple Item Loader, put the Passing Loop in between them and there you go!