Smaller Quadruple Minecart Item Loader

Posted, December 6th 2013, in Minecarts
Minecart Item Loader Version 2

A much smaller and simpler Minecart Item Loader which also handles 4 items at the time! After posting my first version I did go right back to the drawing board and had some really good ideas on how to improve the machine. I got rid of some redundant parts and simplified it down so much that I just had to post a new video about it.


The biggest change involved the entering of the Minecart into the machine. I found out you don’t have to retract the piston and the glass pane for the Minecart to enter because it acts as a one way entrance anyway. So I could get rid of the redstone line around the machine as well as the second piston that cuts off the signal to the main piston with the glass pane. To release the Minecart I just use the signal coming from the comparator pointing into a block to unpower the redstone torch on top which is positioned right behind the Piston to retract the glass pane. To further decrease the size of the machine I replaced the glass pane with a fence so I don’t have to have a block next to it to get the right hit box for the Minecart to rest on. Another improvement was to put the lever right on the side of the block with the redstone dust on top to give the comparator a full signal strength.



I’m really proud of this design and I think it’s a very useful addition to any Minecart systems out there. I might not be the first one that designed one like this but I could’t find any videos on youtube that showed this concept before I published it. I also got a great response from people and got my first shout-out on youtube from my buddy Mogswamp which you should totally check out! He even build the Item Loader as well as the ultra small version of my Item Unloader in his Flatworld series, so big thanks to him!

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