Minecart Destination Selector ID System

Posted, February 18th 2014, in Minecarts
Minecart Destination Selector

This is my Minecart Destination Selector which tags a Minecart with a specific ID to send it to the right destination, without the need of a redstone signal going alongside the track. This Minecart station is fully automated and just by pressing a button on the selector panel your Minecart will be dispensed so you can jump right in and get to your desired destination.


Sounds pretty crazy for Vanilla Survival Minecraft, but it’s definetely possible. Every junction in your Minecart System checks the Minecarts for its ID and either sends it out or sends it to the next junction. In theory you could have an almost endless amount of destinations because if you rename blocks or items you are no longer limited to the amount of different blocks or items in the game! And with some modifications you could navigate a Minecart through multiple junctions on a path you defined with multiple blocks or items in the Minecart.


I think this system has a lot of potential and makes navigating through a maze of junctions seem very easy. There is not much to explain about the redstone because you can build this how ever you like in your world and my design is merely an example. The Minecart station just dispenses a normal Minecart for you to ride in and at the same position a storage or hopper Minecart for the item to travel with you. The junctions only contain a standard item sorter that sucks out the correct item from the storage Minecart and gives out a redstone signal to a curved track to change its direction.



This design was very reliable in my test setup but I can’t say if it works as reliable on a huge scale or in further updates.

World Download: Destination-Selector-1.8.zip

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