Minecraft Skin danywhoever

Some words about myself!

My name is danywhoever and I play Minecraft! My favourite thing in the game are Minecarts and all the possibilities you have with them. I love experimenting and coming up with new contraptions I can implement them in, but I also like constructing farms and other redstone devices. It’s important to me that all of my designs are doable in Survival Minecraft and relatively resource friendly.


What is this website about?

First of all you can find all of these important links to Twitter, Google Plus, Facebook, Spreadshirt and of course my YouTube Channel up in the main menu, but the main thing on this website of course are the blog posts! I will post all the designs I come up with here on my blog, mainly the things I made a video about but also other stuff related to Minecraft. The great thing about this blog is that I’m not limited to the description box on YouTube, that no one looks into anyways, which gives me the opportunity to write a detailed explanation about my designs and maybe post some pictures if something isn’t clear from the video. I also can quickly post an interesting find as text and image post without going through all the effort of producing a video. So maybe keep this website in mind and bookmark it or follow me on Twitter if you don’t wanna miss anything!


How can you help me out?

Since I’m doing this YouTube thing just for a hobby I don’t accept any donations, but if you really wanna help me out I would appreciate if you don’t use AdBlock on or YouTube in general, I think that would help out a lot of people and not just me. Other than that just enjoy my videos and blog posts, and let me know if you do like them in the comments!


Some contact information!

If you want to know something about a specific design just leave a comment under the blog post or on Youtube, I try to answer any questions I get. You can also contact me on Twitter or Youtube and I’ll get back to you when I can!