Flying Minecarts in Survival Minecraft

Posted, January 14th 2014, in Minecarts
Flying Minecarts

To have flying or at least jumping Minecarts in Vanilla Survival Minecraft without installing any Mods is something I always wanted, and now I figured out how! It’s a great way to connect small islands in your world with a Minecart System or just have them jump over a ravine. So how did I accomplish this? Again, with stacked up Minecarts.


Stacking up Minecarts might be the best thing I ever came across, they actually keep their velocity in mid air when they fly off a cliff, and you could do it with a player in the cart too but I wanted to do it with storge Minecarts for now. A simpler way to do this would obviously be to stack them up right when you place them and leave them like that, but I wanted to have a automated device you can implement in any already existing Minecart System by only having them stack up for the jump itself and separate them again when they land.


It’s really not that complicated to do but you have to be very careful about how you stack them up because just dispensing another Minecart onto the track when the first one comes by doesn’t work. They have to be in the exact same position for this to work and I did it by having a small drop for both carts to land on the same unpowered rail and power it at the right timing to send them off to the jump.



In the video I show some more insight into the actual device and how they get separated when they land so you should definitely check it out.

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