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Starting a Minecraft Server

Posted, November 9th 2014, in Blog Posts
WhoeverCraft Server

I know you haven’t heard much of me the last couple of months but here is a small update. I just had a lot on my mind the last year and wasn’t able to play much Minecraft but I hope next year will be a little bit easier on me. Now to the interesting part: We started a server. It wasn’t really planned this way but I’m glad it happened! I invited Rick on my private server to play some Survival just for fun, but he couldn’t help but make a series out of it. For my part I only administrate and play on the server but Rick actually got some awesome people to «read more»

New Blog and Where I Have Been

Posted, April 15th 2014, in Blog Posts
Minecraft Blog -

I’m not sure how many people will actually read this first official Blog Post, considering I only have 12 people following me on Twitter, but welcome to my new Website and Blog!


So why didn’t I upload any videos to YouTube for the last 2 months? There are a few reasons actually. First of all I was really busy with work for a couple of weeks and could’t really do anything else. After work got less time-consuming and I could concentrate more on Minecraft again «read more»