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Fully Automatic Minecart Y-Junction

Posted, April 25th 2014, in Minecarts
Minecart Y-Junction

Another great addition to every Minecart System, a fully automated Minecart Y-Junction to connect multiple Farms to your storage! If you put a lot of these together you can basically have an infinite amount of Item Loaders connected to only one Item Unloader all managed by this device.


As shown in the video below, it remembers which track the Minecart came from and switches the rails so the Minecart can go back the exact same way. On its way back it will clear the intersection and give «read more»

Minecart Destination Selector ID System

Posted, February 18th 2014, in Minecarts
Minecart Destination Selector

This is my Minecart Destination Selector which tags a Minecart with a specific ID to send it to the right destination, without the need of a redstone signal going alongside the track. This Minecart station is fully automated and just by pressing a button on the selector panel your Minecart will be dispensed so you can jump right in and get to your desired destination.


Sounds pretty crazy for Vanilla Survival Minecraft, but it’s definetely possible. Every junction in your Minecart System checks the Minecarts for «read more»

Flying Minecarts in Survival Minecraft

Posted, January 14th 2014, in Minecarts
Flying Minecarts

To have flying or at least jumping Minecarts in Vanilla Survival Minecraft without installing any Mods is something I always wanted, and now I figured out how! It’s a great way to connect small islands in your world with a Minecart System or just have them jump over a ravine. So how did I accomplish this? Again, with stacked up Minecarts.


Stacking up Minecarts might be the best thing I ever came across, they actually keep their velocity in mid air when they fly off a «read more»

Minecart Offsetter for Intersections

Posted, January 11th 2014, in Minecarts
Minecart Offsetter

A simple device like this, that prevents Minecarts from crashing on intersections or junctions if they come in at the same time, can be very useful in more complex Minecart systems that handle more than one Minecart on only one track. I ran into this problem myself while testing out some ideas for intersections in my Minecart system.


In the video I try to explain what actually needs to happen to guarantee a safe crossing of two Minecarts, because it’s not as simple as you «read more»

Smaller Quadruple Minecart Item Unloader

Posted, December 17th 2013, in Minecarts
Minecart Item Unloader Version 2

This is a very small and fast Minecart Item Unloader that can empty a storage Minecart 4 times faster than your standard unloader! I really loved the speed of my first Quadruple Item Unloader but it was just so big and impractical to build so I desperately wanted to come up with a smaller and more survival friendly version of it, and in the process I even came up with my Instant Minecart Unloader which I showed you in my last post. So this is it, the answer to everything, the universe and .. oh wait no I mean the answer are stacked up Minecarts! You can do so much stuff with them and «read more»

Minecart Passing Loop

Posted, December 11th 2013, in Minecarts
Minecart Passing Loop

A simple way to have two Minecarts on only one track between a Item Loader and a Item Unloader. This little device was actually just a small side project I came up with while playing around with a automated Minecart System, and now it’s my most viewed video on youtube. I wasn’t even sure if I should upload it because it seemed so simple, but I’m glad I did it anyways! I just got such amazing feedback from people and even Mumbo Jumbo himself liked and commented on the video, wow that really made me happy! And another cool french youtuber called overspes gave me «read more»

Quadruple Minecart Item Unloader

Posted, December 9th 2013, in Minecarts
Minecart Item Unloader

Now that we have such a fast ‎Minecart Loader we definitely need something better than a standard unloader, because what’s the point of putting in 4 items at the time if we only get 1 out on the other side? That’s why I had to come up with something like this.


To suck out 4 Items at once from a storage Minecart you have to position it right in the middle of 4 hoppers and the only way I could come up with, is to push it in place with pistons. I tried to keep it fairly small and after a while of «read more»

Smaller Quadruple Minecart Item Loader

Posted, December 6th 2013, in Minecarts
Minecart Item Loader Version 2

A much smaller and simpler Minecart Item Loader which also handles 4 items at the time! After posting my first version I did go right back to the drawing board and had some really good ideas on how to improve the machine. I got rid of some redundant parts and simplified it down so much that I just had to post a new video about it.


The biggest change involved the entering of the Minecart into the machine. I found out you don’t have to retract the piston and the glass pane for the «read more»